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madeofsequins in tinyentropies

Ficlet: Strangers become friends (J2, SPN RPS)

Title: Strangers become friends
Author: madeofsequins
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; I do not own or know the people involved.
Word count: 200
Notes: Written for Challenge #199: Luck at slashthedrabble.

They’re not really the type of people who would have clicked instantly had they met at a network event through mutual friends or costars. Jared is a bit of an overwhelming presence, unnaturally tall, impossibly and indiscriminately friendly, and Jensen’s not shy, okay, but he has his reservations about some people. Most people, even, loud, looming, laughing people definitely being among them. They might have been introduced under too-bright lights in front of a glaringly ugly WB backdrop, said “nice to meet you” without really meaning it, and that would have been that.

It’s lucky, then, that they meet how they do: “hey, big brother! This show is going to be kind of awesome, don’t you think?” It’s lucky it’s mostly just the two of them there for the long haul, that Jensen can settle into being the focus of Jared’s very enthusiastic attention, that Jared settles, too, toning it down just for Jensen, all for Jensen. In the relative isolation of the set, they do click instantly, their degree of closeness growing exponentially, naturally progressing from friends into lovers, and the next time they attend a network event, they come together, like they’ve known each other all their lives.


Sounds like a definite possibility to me. Great writing! Love, Robin
thank you!
This was really precious. And it is lucky that they met under the circumstances they did.
thanks so much!
that was beautiful and it totally made me smile <3
i'm glad -- thanks so much! :)
That's so lovely and beautiful!

thank you so much! :)
Good point, well made.
thank you!

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